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New Ruby Lodge

Ruby Update— September 13, 2016

We have had a very busy summer and the dream of our own lodge is getting closer each day.

Ruby 360 Lodge will be fully enclosed with the finished siding and roof on by the end of September. The lodge will be exclusive to RMH guests during the winter season and offer panoramic 360-degree views of the Great Basin and Ruby Mountains from the lodge site at 7,000 feet. The lodge will be 10,000 square feet and feature 10 bedrooms. Ruby 360 Lodge will offer a full bar, in-room massage, helicopter staging out the door, luxury accommodations and exceptional food service.

We are diligently working on the lodge everyday and our goal is to have it open by January 1, 2017, to celebrate our 40th Anniversary.

Construction is on schedule however, there is a chance it may not be ready for the early season skiers.

If the Lodge is not completed by the time you arrive we will provide lodging at the Marriott in Elko. The method of operating will be similar to the last two years.

If the Elko option is in play there will be no increase in price, if you are staying in the lodge there will be an increase of $500 per person for the Three Day Package or an increase of $166 for the Single Day Package.

All our best,

Joe, Francy and Mike Royer

Three Day Packages

The THREE DAY package price for the 2017 season is $4,650 per person.

Three day package includes:
All your meals valued at $232.50 (except dinner the arrival night)
Three nights lodging, double occupancy
Guide service
Ski rental
And a ski run guarantee of 18 runs.
Book it online or call us 775-753-6867 or 775-397-1215

Single Day Packages

SINGLE DAY skiing is available on Thursdays, January 31 through March 13. The price is $1475.00 per person.

Single day includes:
Double occupancy lodging on your arrival nite
Breakfast and lunch
Guide Service
6 heli runs
Book it online or call us 775-753-6867 or 775-397-1215

Customary room and meal taxes are added. Prices are subject to change. May be subject to a fuel surcharge. Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at an additional cost.

Please call us for additional information. 775-753-6867 or 775-397-1215.

For any and all travel insurance needs, please visit the following link to explore opportunities with our insurance partner Travelex (location #28-0037)
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Heli Assist

A full day of helicopter skiing not what you are looking for? Try our heli-assist program.

Get a lift in to the Rubies and spend the day touring with one of our highly qualified guides skinning in beautiful alpine terrain. Groups in a heli assist day can easily climb 4,000 + feet of vertical. Heli Assist package includes a lift in, a guide for the day and a lift out at the end of the day for $1,600 divided by the amount of guests in the aircraft, up to 4 people.

Additional heli bumps during the day can be purchased for $400 per lift, divided by the amount of people in the aircraft.